Posted On: 04/19/2017
April is National Car Care Month. We want to share with you 10 quick car care tips to maintain your vehicle to keep it running smoothly, safely, and efficiently to reach its ultimate longevity.
  1. Pay attention and follow your vehicle’s owner’s manual, this will have the recommended maintenance service schedule inside it.
  2. Change the oil regularly, usually every 5,000-7,500 miles to keep your car and engine running smoothly.
  3. Pay attention to recalls. If your vehicle has a recall seek service as soon as possible
  4. Change your air filter once a year or every 30,000 miles
  5. Flush the coolant system and change coolant once a year.
  6. Maintain and clean the interior and exterior of your car once a month.
  7. Change your air filter every year or every 30,000 miles
  8. Pay attention to any warning lights or unusual sound and seek a certified mechanic to diagnose any problems.
  9. Check your tire pressure once a month. Get a tire rotation around every 7,500 miles you drive and check your wheel alignment at the time of a tire rotation.
     10. Replace your brake pads every 25,000 miles or immediately if your brakes are wearing down.

Posted On: 06/26/2017
Summer Road Trip Guide

With summer time here, the kids out of school, and vacation time rolling around, you might be planning your next summer road trip. Here is a complete guide to planning & taking your next summer road trip.

Is Your Vehicle Ready for the Trip?
One of the first things you should do is have your vehicle serviced for a check up to make sure your vehicle is ready to take on the road. It’s a good idea to have your mechanic check over or do the following:
  • Check wiper and fluid levels
  • Perform an oil change if necessary
  • Check your car battery
  • Have your tires inspected, making sure they have a good amount of tread left and if necessary rotate your tires
  • Have your brake pads inspected to be sure they aren’t worn or need replaced

Road Trip Essentials
Once your vehicle has been serviced and ready for the road, now comes the packing and getting all the right supplies to get to your destination. Here are a few things to make sure to bring and have in your car:
  • First Aid Kit in case in the event of an emergency or accident
  • Have Your Navigation System pulled up on your vehicle to get to your destination. If your vehicle doesn’t have navigation, have a GPS system or use the Google Maps app to get to your destination.
  • Spare set of keys in case you lose your keys or accidently lock yourself out of your vehicle. Have someone else have the spare keys and don’t leave them in the vehicle in the event you do lock yourself out.
  • Jumper Cables in case your battery goes dead
  • A Spare Tire in case of flats or blow outs
  • Chargers/Cables for any electronic devices
  • Paper towels/cleaning wipes for any spills
  • Snacks and drinks, this will save you time and money
  • Entertainment to keep everyone occupied for the long trip. This usually includes Tablets, smartphones, games, or music.

It’s also important to remember when packing for you summer road trip and getting all the essentials to check your vehicles load capacity to make sure there’s not too much weight in the vehicle.

Follow this Summer Road Trip Guide for your next summer road trip!